Friday, May 4, 2012



See map for route and pages at back.

Rocks, soil, water, plants and people are all connected and interdependent.  The connection was checked during this tour.   In order to prove this connection, it must be checked in 50-100 different places, not just 1 or 2.

Plants are at the bottom of the land food chain.

What are the basic requirements for a plant to grow?

1.  Photosynthesis
CO2 + H20 + light (inorganic) produce Glucose + 02 (organic)
CO2 is absorbed via the pores of the leaves and H20 via the roots from the earth.
Chlorophyl (the green colouring) absorbs the light.

2.  Minerals

3.  Water, for:
a)  photosynthesis
b)  to dissolve the minerals
c)  to bring the minerals to the plant

Temperature is also important.  Different plants like different temperatures, climates, light, topography.

Plants grow in a certain social pattern.  There are 1 or 2 dominant plants and several others in any given area.

At Station 1 types of rock were identified:

HCL 5% can be dripped on to rock.  If it bubbles there is Calcite in the rock.  Further identification can be achieved by scratching the rock where the HCL was dripped.

Also identified were the corresponding types of soil and plant life.

At Station 2 there are 2 archeological sites, probably from the Byzantine period.  One is an olive press and the other is a burial cave in the rock.  Inside the case are several holes to graves, with a large hole in the middle, which probably leads to the grave of the head of the family.  This kind of cave would have been owned by a rich family/person.  The entrance is decorated.  Carved writing states it is Marinus’ grave. There are also Roses and a Tabula Ancetta.

Changes in the type of rock result in changes in the types of plants growing.  A fault can cause the type to rock and consequently types of plants to suddenly change.  A change in plants is evidence of a fault. 
This can be seen at Station 3.

Station 4 is also an archeological site, probably from the 4th century CE.  There is a limestone well and some houses.  The outside walls of the houses were built from limestone as it was more durable, and the inside walls from chalk.

At Station 5 the type of rock was checked again to see how it differs with height.

At Station 6 there is a view of both sides of the Rakit Stream valley.  Tests of the types of rocks, soil and plants here show how sunlight and rainfall can effect these, according to the direction the slope of a valley faces.


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