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This promenade gives a comprehensive view of Jerusalem to the north, including the Temple Mount.  This may have been the direction from which Abraham first viewed the Moriah Mount (now the Temple Mount).

Below, on the right, is Jabel Malcaba.  Opposite is the Augusta Victoria church (Lutheran) and hospital.  This was the original home of the first British High Commissioner in Palestine, Sir Herbert Samuel, after his arrival in 1920.  In 1927 there was an earthquake and the Governor’s residence was temporarily moved to Beit Machanaim, after which the official residence to the right of the promenade was built.  Today the building is the local UN headquarters.

Moving left is the Hebrew University Tower, the Mormon University and French Hill.  Below Augusta Victoria, on the right is Har Mamashit (Mount of Offence).  Below this is the Arab village of Silwan, which is where the first Yemenite Jews to immigrate to Israel lived in the 19th century.  Below Augusta Victoria, on the left, is the Church of Viri Galilaei.  Further left, the Maria Magdelena Church, with its gold onion domes, can be seen.

In front, at the bottom of the valley is the Kidron Stream, and the south wall of the Old City is to the left.  The Dome of the Rock and El Aksa mosques can be seen on the Temple Mount.  In front of the Old City is the City of David

The white dome seen in the distance if the dome of the rebuilt Hurva Synagogue, in the Jewish Quarter.  Also in this direction are the Domitzio Building and the Casa Nova Tower of the Franciscan monastery.  Below it is Har Zion.  In front, to the right is Abu Tor and on the left in the distance is the King David Hotel, with the Crowne Plaza hotel further to the left.

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