Friday, January 20, 2012

Tefen Industrial Park

One of the four industrial parks created by Stephen Wertheimer, where industry and the arts are neighbours. The Tefen Industrial Park, founded in 1985, is the prototype of Wertheimer`s vision. The sprawling facility includes five museums, sculpture gardens and art galleries.

Art workshops and activities are held for the large number of school children who regularly visit the park, which is also a popular stop for students, tourists, business people and diplomats, attracting some 150,000 visitors each year. Today 20 companies are located in the park with total annual sales of $200 million. Many others have "graduated," moving into larger premises in the adjoining industrial zone and other locations. The park includes 25,000m2 of Industrial buildings spread over a total of 120 dunam (Approx. 30 acres).

The Tefen Sculpture Garden includes approximately 100 pieces. The collection reflects diversity and variety in perception, material and style, while the common aspect is that all of the works are by Israeli artists.  The Sculpture Garden constitutes the inner courtyard of the Tefen Industrial Park, extending over dozens of acres, covered in part by lawns and in part by gravel.

There is a private collection of classic cars, belonging to industrialist Eitan Wertheimer, including approximately 100 cars of various models from the beginning of the twentieth century up to today. It is a rare collection, the largest of its kind in Israel and one of the largest in the world.

Tefen is also home to the German-Speaking Jewry Museum and to the Art of Industry Museum (which features an interactive exhibition titled "Seeds of Plastic").

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