Friday, January 20, 2012


Modern towns were built in the Galilee in the 1950’s, then in the 60’s people started to leave, as Ben Gurion had been encouraging people to move to the Negev.  In 1962-1964 Levi Eshkol had new towns built, including Carmiel.

The Arab population of the Galilee has grown proportionately and in the hills is now 60% Arab and 40% Jewish.  In the 60’s the ratio was 50:50.  At the end of the 70’s it was decided to set up dormitory settlements - Mitzpim, ie settlements where people live, but don’t work.  In a Mitzpeh new inhabitants have to be approved before they can purchase property.  In towns anyone can purchase property.

On 30.3.1976 lands were compulsorily purchased from Arabs in the Galilee to set up the Mitzpim.  This resulted in Arab riots. The Arabs call this date “Land Day” and commemorate it each year.

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