Friday, January 20, 2012

The Arch Cave In Adamit Park

This cave was used by Abu Jildah, the highway thief, as his base and for storage of stolen goods.  He had a dream that Mohamed came to him and told him to stop.  After the dream, he told his associates to stop, but they refused.  He decided to spy on them from the top of the arch.  A large earthquake took place and his friends were killed, but he was saved, as he was not inside taking part in their activities.

View from top of the cave:
At the bottom is Yaara.  On the right is Rosh Hanikra and the houses of Kibbutz Hanita.  On the left is Shlomi and Kibbutz Matzuba.  Moving further left are Abdon, Park Goren, Manot, Hila and Meiliya.  Tefen can be seen at the back.  By the sea from right to left can be seen Naharia, Acco and Haifa.

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